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Manufacturers realize the importance of making the connection with up-and-coming audio pros, and many have allied themselves with CRAS.

Our list of industry partners reads like a who’s who in music and recording and includes brands like Fender Musical Instruments Corp., Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, TC Electronic, L-Acoustics, Digidesign, M-Audio, Neumann and Hosa. Our staff and students regularly attend industry trade shows and seminars to further our existing relationships and forge new ones.

“CRAS has a reputation for providing its students with real-world skills using the latest in recording technologies. Holophone is proud to be a part of that. Surround sound is quickly making its way into every part of the audio industry and we look forward to a partnership which helps make that transition an easy one.”
“Hosa Technology takes great pride in its association with CRAS. As a leader in the education of future generations of audio professionals, CRAS’s efforts represent a significant step toward ensuring the health of the music and sound industry. The skills and disciplines CRAS imparts on its students helps foster tomorrow’s audio innovators. All of us at Hosa applauds CRAS’s efforts.”
Rational Acoustics
“CRAS gives students a unique experience emphasizing practical and hands-on learning that teaches students to both listen and think critically about audio and production.”
“CRAS is equipping students to perform in the audio industry with the highest degree of professionalism, confidence, and success attainable. Keep up the great work!”
“We are glad to have CRAS as part of our educational alliance team. On behalf of everyone at Avid, I want to congratulate CRAS and acknowledge your long- term dedication to educating students on the Pro Tools platform.”
“We’re pleased that A-T mics play a role in the education/career development of the next generation of audio professionals.”
“Alesis is very happy to be part of the curriculum at CRAS. Thank you for letting us be a part of the growth of such a large and promising group of up-and-coming audio professionals.”
“What you teach, that learning how to use quality tube gear, real consoles and beautiful tape machines to produce records, is more important every day.”
“Sennheiser is proud to be associated with CRAS. Your dedication to the education and development of our future audio professionals is valuable not only to your students, but our entire industry. We look forward to a long-standing partnership and welcome new students to a life changing opportunity at CRAS.”
“M&K is proud to be featured in your surround classroom, Studio D. Having your students exposed to high end gear such as M&K better prepares them for employment once they graduate, I’m look forward to continuing our relationship.”
Blue Microphones
“Blue is thrilled to be a part of the unique hands-on studio experience the CRAS program provides. Because of how they’ve benefited from smaller class sizes and individual attention from incredible instructors, when hiring, we’ve consistently seen that CRAS alumni are leaps and bounds above other candidates.”
“It means so much to me that this site (Studer Vista Academy has helped students advance and have a unique experience. It’s exciting to know that the next generation of engineers have you as their mentor. As a brand, we’re extremely proud of our partnership with CRAS.”
Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
“RTS Intercoms is extremely impressed by what the Conservatory of Recording Arts has achieved and is geared up to achieve in the future. The investments done throughout the educational facilities are nothing short of astounding. CRAS’s investments in the latest and greatest technologies are sure to deliver a very real-world experience for their students. We are more than delighted to consider ourselves a partner with CRAS and are looking forward to help educate the future broadcasters of America.”
“Education has always held an important place in the Audiokinetic mission. So we are very proud of our association with CRAS, which has consistently demonstrated leadership and outstanding professionalism. We want to thank CRAS for its ongoing efforts to develop the next generation of game audio professionals who will use Wwise in their future projects.”

“We are very excited to be a part of the wonderful work being done at CRAS.”