Grad Panel | CRAS Career Advice July 2015


Outside of class hours at CRAS, the staff and faculty try to expose our students to the real world of audio.  Each year we have our AES chapter host at least 3 CRAS Graduate panels, where our grads get to share their post-CRAS experiences with our current students. This month we have James Alire, Rory Rositas, Joseph Savalle and Andy Colquhoun.

These discussions typically focus on providing educational tales from our grad’s experience in their careers, as well as any advice that they wish they had as a student or aspiring engineer. As educators, we find that nothing resonates better with our students than hearing the experiences and reality from our graduates.  The panel usually lasts about two hours, with the last half hour being open to a Question & Answer session.

CRAS sends their “Live at CRAS!” Broadcast Across the Pond

CRAS sends their “Live at CRAS!” Broadcast Across the Pond

Last week’s broadcast was extremely special…“Live at CRAS!” was “broadcast” across the pond to London, England, where our international student Theresa’s family was able to see her participate in class back in Gilbert, Arizona.

Live Broadcast

The Re-Amp Clinic

CRAS AES Presents the Re-Amp Clinic

Last night, CRAS Tech and Instructor Jeff Harris hosted an AES Re-amp Build event in our Gilbert Live Sound Venue. Jeff gave us a brief history of the Re-amp and how it works: by taking a balanced, line level signal that has already been recorded, the re-amp box converts the signal back into an unbalanced, mic/instrument level signal so it can be re-amplified and re-recorded, perhaps through a different amp or signal processing chain.

Re-Amp Build Soldering

Top 10 Articles on Understanding Financial Aid

How well do you understand Federal Financial Aid?

Our Student Financial Services Department has assembled their Top 10 Best Articles on Understanding Financial Aid – check them out!

What is audio engineering?

What is audio engineering?

Broadcast Instructor Eli


What does audio engineering mean? What does an audio engineer do? Do I need to go to audio engineering school for that? Is there a difference between audio engineering, music production, or sound recording? What about producing and beat-making? What are “recording arts”?