Took a chance and ended up with a #1 hit single under his belt!

We are proud to announce an update to this post! Graduate success is always great to write about. It’s exciting to hear first hand of a student’s success! This is why I am so excited to write this post about our graduate, Kevin Anyaeji.

CRAS at Christmas Break

Ever wonder what happens at CRAS during the Christmas break?

CRAS Campus during our Christmas Break

CRAS Campus during our Christmas Break

How Big Is Game Audio Anyway?

Sound for video games is an often overlooked aspect of the audio engineering world. With the first video games, there wasn’t a whole lot of sound involved. Maybe a beep here, a squeak there to support what was happening on the screen, but it wasn’t a whole lot more than a last minute add-on. Eventually games started incorporating more audio, and I would bet that almost any gamer can recall the 8 bit Super Mario Bros theme song by heart.

What do the American Music Awards and CRAS Grads have in common?

CRAS Graduates have received credit working with many of the Artists nominated for this years AMA’s.

The American Music Awards (AMA) are this weekend!  It’s really great to see the accolades CRAS graduates have achieved with the artists that have been nominated for this years AMA’s.


Grad Spotlight : Ian Shedd

Grad Spotlight: Ian Shedd


Recently I had a chance to talk with our grad Ian Shedd and congratulate him on his 50th credit as a sound editor. You can check out all of his credits on his personal IMDB page here! While a lot of our grads go out to work at recording studios and live sound venues, we do have a considerable amount of grads work in the film, TV and post production industry, and that is where Ian spends most of his time.