Swiss Army Audio Engineer

Guest Blogger-2

This is our 3rd guest blogger being featured!  This week’s graduate is Eric Capehart.  He interned in Atlanta, GA at Redzone Entertainment and is now an audio engineer here in Arizona.

How To Be Successful In the Audio Industry Part 4

Successful Audio Engineer

Part 4 of our series on “How To Be Successful In The Audio Industry” is submitted by our IT Technician, Jess Repanshek.  He’s put together a good list of Top 10 tips and great quotes from graduates on how to be a successful audio engineer.

Thinking about going to school to learn audio recording? Have you always really wanted to learn the tech tools and secrets behind making those killer albums? I’ve gathered some tips from our grads over the years and compiled a list of the best ways to be successful at an audio recording school for your enjoyment.

George Kemper Speeds to Success with NASCAR

Graduate Spotlight

George Kemper Speeds to Success with NASCAR as a Broadcast A2 Audio Engineer

Graduate Update:

After having much success at the Conservatory, George and his team have recently won a TV Emmy for Outstanding Live Event Audio/Video! George’s job was to record all of the driver radio communications, listen for something worthy of air time, do a fast edit and then broadcast it for the millions of fans watching on TV!

Great job George and keep up the good work!

Broadcast Audio Engineer George Kemper

CRAS Graduate George Kemper at Phoenix International Raceway

5 Behind-The-Scenes Moments at CRAS

Check out 5 Behind-The-Scene Moments at CRAS in Film/TV

Take a look at some of the Behind-The-Scene moments on and off campus with Jeff Thomas and Brandon Hickey, two of our main post production instructors here at CRAS.

Hard Work Really Does Pay Off!

Guest Blogger-2

Welcome to our second feature of our Guest Blogger!  This week’s graduate is Anthony Maldonado.  Anthony interned at Zac Recording in Atlanta, GA and is now a freelancing audio engineer in Sioux City, Iowa.