Pro Sound News - June, 1999

"Conservatory Upgrades, Revamps Curriculum"
A picture of the Conservatory article in the June,1999 issue of the Pro Sound News
"The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences has announced the acquisition and implementation of a Solid State Logic SL4056 G Series console in its main stuido. The 48-input desk was updated to G+ status during its tenure at The Plant in Sausalito, CA. This addition comes as part of an ongoing $750,000 capital improvement package that the Conservatory is currently engaging."

"Among other equipment recently acquired are two Tascam TM-D8000 digital consoles (and two MMR-8 hard-disk recorder/dubbers), FOH and monitor consoles from Sprint, SR loudspeakers from Community and a huge array of amps, EQ, dynamics and digital signal processors from Urei, Manley, Klark Teknik, Hafler and Eventide.... Another important part of this upgrade was the commission of two new Jeremiah and Associates 48-track rooms (B and C rooms)."

"In addition to the SSL console, the Conservatory's A room features a Studer A827 24-track machine, two Tascam MMR8 hard-disk recorders, DAT machines from Panasonic and Tascam and a rewritable CD-R, also from Tascam. The room's current time-based processing consists of an Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer, a TC Electronic M-5000 digital audio mainframe, Lexicom PCM-70 and 90, and Roland SDE-30000. In the dynamics section, featured devices are a Manely Stereo Variable-Mu tube compressor/limiter, a Telectronix LA2A, a pair of Urei 1176s and a dbx 165. There are also two Manley "Pultec" EQs and Brent Averill-modified mic pres from Neve API. Closefield monitoring consists of Hafler TRM-8s and Yamaha NS-10s, and the soffit-mounted monitors are Tannoy FSMs. The mic locker contains a vast array of brand names and model numbers, including the entire line of Audio-Technica products."