Electric Lady Hires CRAS Grads

By Mix Editors

Sep 4, 2005 8:00 AM

From L to R (back): Colin O'Regan, Matt Walker, Dave Leaver (front): Keegan Zagami, Jeff Schultz, Emily Burgess

Electric Lady Studios in New York City has hired several graduates from Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (Gilbert, Ariz.) as either interns or employees. The studio’s current CRAS roster includes Emily Burgess, David Leaver, Jeremy Garrett, Heath Raymond and Jeffery Schultz.

The grads report that the pace of work is hard, but they realize that being able to keep up separates the best from the rest. Emily Burgess notes, “During a recent group of sessions, the engineer, studio manager, producer, band and myself literally slept (or more appropriately, napped) in shifts, calling dibs on couches in the lounges throughout the studio for three days. It was nice to know that the studio manager and engineer had enough confidence in me to be able to let me track vocals and do some Hammond and guitar overdubs while they slept. Although, I must admit, it was a little nerve wracking having Ric Ocasek watch through the glass as I set up a vocal booth and his TLM 193s.”

Visit www.cras.org for more information about the school. Visit www.electricladystudios.com for more in the historic facility.