Audio Media magazine
- October, 2000

"The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences
Advancing Audio Education"
A picture of the Conservatory article in the Fall/Winter,1997 issue of Tascam's On Sound magazine
Evolution is a good word to describe anyone's exit from their teens, and it especially applies to the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS). The school, which is enjoying its twentieth anniversary this year, has always engaged in measured, deliberate growth, and their new Mater Recording Program II (MRP-II) is the culmination of many years of development. "The industry is constantly evolving," said the school's Administrator, Kirt R. Hamm, "and we feel that it is incumbent upon us to evolve with it. Our graduates have always enjoyed distinct advantages when they go out in the workforce and seek employment. We must continually advance our curriculum in order for our graduates to not only keep pace, but to stay ahead of the competitors." The MRP-II encompasses both audio engineering and a music business curriculum and provides the well-rounded foundation that students will need to survive in the fast-paced world of audio recording.

The difficulty for the Conservatory lies in making predictions about where the industry is going. "It seems that there's always some new 'next best thing' coming down the pike," said Hamm, "and it is our job to weed out the developments that are simply flash-in-the-pan and to create curriculum that addresses pertinent technologies and methodologies. We cannot afford to jump on every new bandwagon. We are charged with the task of looking down the road to see what new gear and technique will be in use in the years to come and offering a curriculum that will give our students an advantage in the work force."