Conservatory Featured in Mix

If you’ve ever wanted a behind the scenes look at what’s going on in the Conservatory’s
state-of-the-art live sound classroom, it’s as easy as picking up a copy of the October, 2004 issue of Mix magazine. The Audio Education issue of Mix features an over-the-shoulder view from the mix position in the Conservatory’s live sound classroom where Instructor Keith Morris is mixing a live band on the Yamaha PM1D Digital Audio Mixing System. Also featured in the shot is the recently-installed JBL Vertec
Line Array.The magazine's education issue comes out every October and focuses on the top schools in the country.

"Mix only does 12 covers a year and it’s a
real honor to be chosen for the feature spot in the Education issue." Says Administrator Kirt Hamm. "To be recognized by the #1 professional audio and music publication in
the world is confirmation that we’re doing
things right. We’re happy to be providing
such a service to our industry."

The Yamaha PM1D and JBL Vertech Line
Array are part of the school’s expansion into their new Gilbert location where students
learn on equipment from Digidesign, Solid
State Logic, Neve, Alesis, Neumann, AEA, Royer and many other pro audio companies.

Photo Credit: The October 2004 cover of Mix Magazine

Waves Hits The Conservatory

Waves has been at the forefront of the Digital Audio Workstation revolution, providing pro-level plug-ins that do the equivalent work of their old school hardware equivalent. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a Waves product has probably been used on the majority of record productions in the last five years.

Recently, product specialist Scott Simon visited the CRAS to give students a look at their latest products. The IR series of convolution reverb products was heavily covered as well as the other legacy plug-ins that has made Waves so popular. Students had many questions about their favorite plugs and what was on the horizon at Waves.

"Having audio companies like Waves come out to the school gives our students another view of the products they use and hear about every day at the school," says Administrator Kirt Hamm. "The more angles you can view something, the better your grasp of the topic. That’s why our relationships with manufacturers is so important."

The Conservatory offers a wide variety of manufacturer certifications on such gear as the Alesis Masterlink, Antares Auto Tune 4, Digidesign’s Pro Tools and much more

Photo Caption: Scott Simon from Waves, lecturing about the company's latest products

Fox Sports Mixer Lectures Students

Question: Who does Fox Sports rely on to get the sound of NASCAR and the NFL out to its millions of viewers? Answer: Fred Aldous. The audio veteran has logged thousands of hours behind the desk at the many live remote broadcasts that go on each year for the Fox network.

Aldous recently visited the Conservatory giving students a rare view of what goes on behind the scene at a major sporting event. Not only does Aldous provide for the many audio feeds that are necessary for a complex event such as a NASCAR race, but he also mixes it all in Surround. "Fred is a true audio giant," says Kevin Becka, director of education at the Conservatory’s Gilbert location. "He really knows his stuff, including what it takes to make it in a very competitive business–and he’s a nice guy to boot."

Aldous’ visit is part of the Conservatory’s ongoing guest lecturer program that has brought Rupert Neve, EveAna Manley and such companies as Waves, Korg, Aphex and more to the campus. "It’s a great way for the students to see the level of commitment it takes to excel in audio," adds Becka.

Photo Caption: Fox Sports Lead Mixer and audio consultant Fred Aldous speaking to students in the Conservatory's 6,000-sq. ft. live sound classroom

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