Wwise in Action

Audiokinetic’s pipeline solution for game audio in operation on dual screens

The Conservatory will be teaching Wwise classes during the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco in March. CRAS instructor’s Michel Henein and Robert Brock will be in the Audiokinetic booth showcasing what the app can do on a dual screen setup. The software is to game audio creation what Pro Tools is to the record business, and then some. It can react in real time based on a game player’s actions, and change the audio to match the scene. The Conservatory not only teaches the first-ever classes in Wwise to 9th Cycle students, but will be offering a special version of the curriculum to the professional game world in the spring when the official manfacturer-certified curriculum is unvelied. If you’re at the GDC, be sure to stop by the Audiokinetic booth at ES 5812, and the Conservatory booth #859 to see the software in action and learn about the program.

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