Wright In The Right Place


Marita Wright graduated in July 2006 and is now assistant to the Sr. Vice President of Operations at Masterfonics in Nashville

When I recently asked CRAS grad Marita Wright if she likes her new job, she replied: “Are you kidding?! This is my dream job!! Everyday I come to work at one of the premier recording studios on Music Row in Nashville. I’m learning first-hand all of the intimate details of what makes a studio like this successful, and that’s invaluable in my book.”

Marita decided to go into the business side of the music industry, just one of the many options open to grads from the Conservatory. Students receive a solid background in Music Business and other related areas during their 30-week stay on campus that prepares them for a variety of jobs. No matter what you decide to do, your CRAS education gets your foot in the door.

Marita says it best: “My experience at CRAS gave me the confidence I needed to come out to Nashville feeling prepared. I was prepared to walk into any studio with an understanding of how it runs in both technical and business terms. If I had to choose schools over again, there is no doubt I would go with the CRAS.”

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