What’s Under Our Tree?


7th Cycle student Joseph Maggelet attaching one of three Blue Mouse microphones to the Conservatory’s Decca Tree

Holiday trees are standard for the winter season, but the Conservatory’s Decca tree is used year round. Our “tree” is a tried and true mic placement developed by the Decca Record Company back in the early days of recording where three omni microphones are placed in a very specific triangular array in front of an orchestra. Every three weeks, the Cycle 7 Post Production class captures an orchestral ensemble using this technique along with spot mics to record the orchestra into a Pro Tools HD rig locked to video. Our AEA, one meter Decca tree positioner flown from a Latch Lake MicKing stand allows the students to accurately place the mics in the room, making sure the orchestra is well represented in the mix.

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