These Boots Are Made For Foley

photo caption
: Brooke Strivosky getting instructions for recording footsteps in her Cycle 7 Post class

It takes all kinds of audio to make a film. Foley–the art of recreating sound effects for picture, such as footsteps–is named after early practitioner Jack Foley. All such audio elements are recorded separately, in synch with the film, then artfully mixed on the dubbing stage to complete the finished product. Foley artists sometimes use the most unlikely props to make their magic, such as hitting a watermelon with a baseball bat to simulate a traumatic injury on film. It’s not just the comedian Gallagher who has all the fun! Cycle 7 Post classes at the CRAS recreate the Foley, dialog (ADR), music (Scoring) and effects (SFX) for a short film clip, recording each element into Pro Tools, then mix it in the Conservatory’s 5.1 Surround Studio D.

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