The Spaghetti Incident

photo caption: Students making patches for their 9th Cycle band clinic

When it comes to audio, signal flow is king. Conservatory students are schooled from day one on the importance of getting their ins and outs correctly patched, and then they put the concepts into practice in their clinics and personal projects in the school’s 8 studios. Making correct patches can make or break a session and the students pictured above are making sure they have all their audio ducks in a row. In the 9th Cycle band clinic, students set up the studio to track a full drum kit, bass, guitar and keyboards. Later in the same cycle, they do the same but add vocals and various other overdubs. All this is in preparation for their Cycle 10 projects where they are in complete control, and the outcome of the session relies on their ability to make the right decisions. The Conservatory’s reality-based curriculum puts control in the hands of the students after they’ve been given a sound foundation in audio terminology, signal path, studio operations and working as a team.


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