The NAMM Blues

photo caption
: Ben Widmer, Joey Cicak and Eric Boyer in the Blue booth at NAMM

The National Assocation of Musical Merchant’s (NAMM) show in Anahiem is the biggest musical trade show in the USA. It hosts literally every manufacturer of musical instruments worldwide, including guitars, amps, basses, drums, brass, percussion, software and audio gear. The show is becoming more and more of an audio show as years go on with manufacturers like SSL, Apple and Digidesign having a large presence. This year’s show was attended by various CRAS instructors and students and the school was also well represented in the booths on the floor. For instance, Blue microphones, makers of the Blue Bottle, Dragonfly, Mouse and many other great mics, had their booth manned by three Conservatory grads. Ben Widmer, Joey Cicak and Eric Boyer were all on hand, Eric being Blue’s Vice President of Manufacturing. The school has many grads working throughout the industry with companies like Waves, SoundToys, Grace Designs, Skywalker Sound and Universal Audio.

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