The Force Is Strong in Rodney Gates

Rodney Gates

Sony Online Entertainment's audio director Rodney Gates speaks at CRAS.

CRAS graduate and audio director at Sony Online Entertainment Rodney Gates, spent an evening in October speaking to current CRAS students about the dynamics of the game audio industry. He also shared how he goes about recording and designing sounds for the award winning games he’s been involved in. In fact earlier in the same week, Rodney was on stage at the Game Developers Conference in Austin, TX accepting the Best Audio for an Online Game award for Star Wars themed Clone Wars Adventures. Students heard Rodney’s raw recordings ranging from ambience to ammunition as well as his final designed sounds including those that will be featured in the highly anticipated online game Planetside 2. Rodney exuded a lot of passion for his chosen career path, which is understandable when your job is to warp, twist and pitch a squawking flock of geese into eerie indiscernible undertones of alien worlds! Learn more about Rodney Gates and his sound design techniques in an exclusive interview and series of articles at Designing Sound.

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