TC’s Simeone Lectures

photo caption
: TC Electronic chairman Ed Simeone and student Krystle Sanno preparing to Podcast

Ed Simeone’s list of audio experiences and skills are extensive. He’s a tube-gear nut, has been a keyboard tech for some of the top players in music and is an avid HAM radio operator. If that wasn’t enough, Ed is the Chairman of TC Electronic USA, the company that sells high end audio processors, Lab Gruppen, TC-Helicon and Dynaudio products. He recently brought his Reverb Master Class to the Conservatory where he takes reverb from its inception (it started in B.C. if you can believe it!) to the modern day. The Conservatory certifies students on TC’s System 6000 and M3000 and has TC gear in many classrooms and studios. Simeone is part of our guest lecture program where industry pros are brought on campus to impart knowledge and talk to students about jobs in audio.

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