In The Studio with The Ocean: Pelagial


Also known as The Ocean Collective, this is a very experimental metal band based out of Germany, though many of its members hail from various regions around Europe. Founded in 2000, over 40 musicians have been part of this band at one time or another, contributing to the creation of six full length albums.

Don’t let the term “metal band” turn you off of this project. Each of their albums has a depth and a persona unheard of in nearly any other band that I’ve heard. On some of their later CDs, from Precambrian and on, they began including all kinds of instruments, from strings to classical instruments, as well as keyboards and electric sounds.

I highly recommend watching at least this first video. It gives an amazing perspective into their recording process, from getting drum tones using three different sets of spaced pair mics, allowing them to get close up, tight sounds as well as washed out, dreamy tones. They also look into how a band spread all over Europe can cheaply and efficiently make an incredible record, especially focusing on home recording and re-amping.

This sixth album, Pelagial, refers to the different depths of the ocean, which is a fitting name to the depths you travel through while listening to this new release. This album, as well as their last two, actually work as dual albums – there is one full album with vocals, and one full album as just instrumental. The music itself is not different, but the absence of the vocals allows you to focus on the true musicianship found within.

Recorded in a few places in the cold depths of Sweden, as well as contributions from a few other locations, this album is an incredible masterpiece that should be listened to in the very least, if not owned, by any music enthusiast.

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