Students “Track The Band” – You Win Gear

CRAS students recently participated in the creation of an upcoming webcast for Mix Magazine titled Tracking The Band. The session took place in the Conservatory’s Studio A where a four piece band was tracked entirely on a Mackie Onyx 1640i console, which includes a FireWire interface that records directly to any DAW software.

The entire session was recorded to a MacBook Pro 13″ laptop running Pro Tools M-Powered, the same computer and software each student receives when they enroll in the program. You can see exactly what the students experienced during the session by registering for the free Webcast where you’ll be entered in a raffle for the Mackie Onyx 1640i valued at $2199. See pictures from the session here then after you register,  log-in on September 30th 2pm EST/11am PST and view the session where you’ll learn about:

  1. Recording guitar, bass, drums, piano, synth, sax and vocals
  2. Proper mic choice and placement
  3. EQ and compression tips
  4. Studio communication
  5. Jumping between tracking, overdub and mixing workflows
  6. Setting up headphone mixes while recording, both to and from the DAW
  7. Interfacing outboard gear such as compressors and time-based processors
  8. The benefits and methods of analog summing

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