Students “Surrounded” By The Cutting Edge

photo caption: Students setting up the Trinnov SRP array and mapping out an ITU template on the floor of Studio D

Cycle 8 and Cycle 10 students recently recorded Sax and Percussion in surround with some of the latest gear from Trinnov and LatchLake. The Cycle 8 surround recording class used the Trinnov High Spatial Resolution Surround Recording Platform (SRP) to capture various passes of Bari, Tenor and Alto Saxophone in the Conservatory’s Studio D. The system uses 8 omni microphones in a horseshoe configuration to capture a room’s signature, which is then sent to the SRP which delivers a 5.0 output respecting the ITU standard. The Trinnov hardware translator allows the user to manipulate the room’s size either while you’re recording, or after the fact during mixdown.

Students mounted the array on the LatchLake micKing boom stand. The stand uses non-traditional hardware to adjust the boom arms, clutch and counterweight allowing the user to position a mic, or mics, in a wide variety of stable positions. The micKing can be expanded using various length Xtra Booms which can carry any number of other microphones. The LatchLake stand was also utilized in the 8th Cycle advanced drum recording clinic and Cycle 7 Post scoring class where it held a Decca Tree of three Blue Omni Mouse microphones.

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