Students Learn Big Audio Setup Firsthand

On Easter weekend, a crew of 50 Conservatory of Recording Arts students will accomplish what the Arizona Cardinals have been unable to do all year in their new stadium: Win Big. The all-CRAS audio crew, led by Live Sound instructor Keith Morris will win by getting first-class on the job training as they help set up and operate a huge audio system in the 64,000-seat venue. The event, hosted by Radiant Church, boasts an action packed, multi-media experience featuring the Disney Channel’s Jump5 and an inspiring Easter Holiday message.

The event will use an impressive array of sound reinforcement gear provided by PRG/Electrotec in Las Vegas including 28 L-Acoustic V-Dosc Line Array loud speakers, 6 dV-Dosc down hangs, 9 KUDO side hangs, in-ear monitors from Shure and floor wedges from Electrotec. Front of House will be mixed by Morris on a Yamaha PM1D Digital Mixing System with monitors provided through a DigiCo D1. The entire system is powered by 40 amps from Lab Gruppen with loudspeaker management from XTA controlled by their AudioCore software.

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