Proving Yourself

photo caption
: Student prepares for his Live Sound Proficiency

Assessing knowledge and proficiency in education is the best way to train someone in any field. At the Conservatory, students become proficient in the operation of software and hardware throughout the program. For starters, students are eligible for 12 certifications from Apple, Digidesign, TC Electronic and the school’s own programs for Auto Tune, Reason and more. There are also hands-on tests in Live Sound and in the operation of consoles from Neotek, SSL, Neve and Focusrite’s Control 24. When your hands are on the gear and you’re the only one in the room besides the instructor, the heat is on and you must prove that you know your stuff. This kind of attention to detail and testing makes Conservatory students eminently employable throughout the industry. What’s the bottom line? A Conservatory education plus dedication equals a career path in audio.

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