One-on-One Experience

photo caption: 9th Cycle students learning game audio on new Mac Book Pro computers running Audiokinetic’s Wwise software

The Conservatory stresses the importance of training on the best gear possible, and this is no more evident than in the new Audio for Games classes. For the new curriculum, the CRAS purchased 26 Mac Book Pro Laptops featuring Intel Core 2 Duo processors, one for each student’s use in the classroom. The dual-boot computers will run either Apple’s OS X or Windows operating systems making the Mac Book Pro a very powerful teaching tool. For the Audio For Games classes, the Conservatory is the first audio education institution to integrate Audiokinetic‘s Wwise software into their program. Classes start first with a solid foundation in game audio theory, then, moves on to creating audio for a game and running it in the Conservatory’s 5.1 enabled D Room. Game production is one of the fastest growing sectors in audio and entertainment, and the Conservatory is right at the forefront, training students on the up-and-coming Wwise platform. Watch for news of the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference in 2007 and how the Conservatory will play a big part in the show.

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