New Year Brings New Laptops



The Conservatory rings in the new year by issuing Apple MacBook Pro laptops for the first time since starting the laptop program two years prior. Shown here are students in the 1/8/2010 start date receiving their new MacBook Pros at the computer orientation class. Prior to 2010 CRAS issued MacBook computers which have been an amazing performer for students and faculty. The change to the MacBook Pro was in part necessary because Apple discontinued the use of the Firewire interface on the latest iteration of the MacBook model. Firewire is a protocol commonly used in professional audio for connecting computers with a wide range of audio interfaces. Firewire also allows the computer to be used in target disk mode, which lets the computer act as a battery powered hard drive for troubleshooting and file transfers. Like the MacBook before it, the MacBook Pro will serve CRAS students well both at school and into their career. Check out more photos of the first class using the MacBook Pros here.

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