Mic’s Eye View

photo caption
: Drummer Joe Morris (Esteban, Ray Riendeau, Sting) playing for the Cycle 10 Sink or Swim session

In Cycle 10, students get a chance to exercise their drum recording chops in the Conservatory’s D Room. In a recent session, mics from AEA, Avantone, Shure, Neumann, SE Electronics and Yamaha were used on drummer Joe Morris’ 4-piece kit as part of the Sink or Swim sessions. As part of their advanced studies, students are solely responsible for their session with the instructor taking on the producer’s role. The mono AEA R84 overhead pictured above, was sent first through a Summit Element 78 mic preamp, then through a Retro Sta-Level compressor on its way to Pro Tools, while the other mics were recorded through Element 78 and Focusrite preamps. Students started their session from scratch by importing a song into Pro Tools, first composed in Apple’s GarageBand software. After the import, students must format the session to work in the D-Room’s framework, successfully getting their mix out to the player, and then the player back into Pro Tools. Cycle 10 students are nearly ready for their internships and are put to the test repeatedly in the latter part of the program, exercising their practical, organizational and troubleshooting skills.

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