Internship Is Heaven For JB

John Brown recently finished the on-campus portion of his education at the Conservatory and is now interning at Sweetwater Sound. “My experience so far has been more than I ever expected it to be – the facilities, staff, and gear is amazing,” says Brown about the next step in his career. Sweetwater is an online audio and musical gear sales company with a brand new facility that cost more than $36 million to build from the ground up.

“We have 3 studios here at Sweetwater and I float between them on a daily basis taking in as many different experiences as I can,” says Brown. “

Studio A features The Digidesign ICON D Control Surface, Pro Tools HD, Apogee converters, multiple preamps and compressors from Focusrite and Avalon. John has helped on nearly 20 sessions since he’s been at Sweetwater. “We have recorded a dobro, violin, viola, cello, flute, fiddle, mandolin, sax, drums, shakers, piano, vocals and other intstruments.”

Interns and employees at the facility can take advantage of many in-house non-musical offerings including a hair stylist, movie/game rentals, workout center, a Warehouse and printing center among other things. All in all, life is looking rosy for Mr. Brown who is considering a sales position after being asked to stay on at the company after his internship.

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