Instructa Down Unda


photo caption: CRAS instructor Robert Brock in Sydney Australia

Conservatory instructors are experts in their field. For instance, Robert Brock is a certified Apple Logic Pro trainer who travels around the world to train others to teach Logic. He also helped write the definitive text on the popular Apple DAW, Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 6 with Martin Sitter. Other CRAS instructor’s with world-class experience include Keith Morris who traveled to Moscow to mix live sound for the UK pop star Jem, and Kevin Becka, who is technical editor of Mix magazine. Other teacher’s with interesting and varied backgrounds include Chris Bailey who is an independent film maker, Michel Henein who has his own game production company, Clifton Batchelor who is a lawyer, John Berry who has composed over 300 published works and Grammy winner Jeff Thomas who is an independent recording engineer.

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