Grad Works Left Coast

We recently heard from CRAS grad Jonathan Pendergrass who started his career in LA. Here’s a note from him outlining where he’s going in the world of big city music.

“After finishing classes at the Conservatory, I left for L.A. and started an internship with 7 Pin Studios (formerly Tweakhead Productions). During this time, I had begun to work with a hip-hop artist in L.A. and he had purchased several of my pieces. After working for two weeks with Allison Wright Clark, the awesome music/score supervisor at 7 Pin, she sent me to S3 Music and Sound, a publishing company in West L.A. There I began work uploading, categorizing, and organizing their music library of about 1600 songs. S3 composes all the music for Robot Chicken, a few MTV reality shows, and licenses its library music for SiTV. As a composer myself, I have been given the opportunity to upload my own pieces into their library. I met another composer named Dennis Smith at S3 during a recording session, and I worked for him briefly delivering hard drives around L.A. I met several composers and editors on these runs and that networking brought me invaluable contacts and real world information. Currently, I am pitching their library to film, TV, and video game companies (a couple of bites here and there but here’s hoping). I begin recording next week at a home studio called Fantastic Traccz and it is very likely that I will record and engineer their upcoming albums. I also met another hip-hop artist in my apartment complex and I start recording his album later on in the day. There seems to be no end to the work you can do in this city as long as you aggressively look for it. Go Conservatory!”

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