Internship Stories: Ryan Scott Staples

The picture above is what Ryan Scott Staples sees and works on every day at Oceanway Studios in LA. Ryan graduated from the CRAS in August of 2010 and never looked back. Within six months of ending his internship, he landed a gig as the assistant for all-star engineer Jack Joseph Puig. Ryan has worked with The Cars, Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Country Communion, Faith Hill and Willie Nelson among others. In Scott’s own words:

“My feelings on the whole experience thus far?: I would do it again in a heartbeat. Our life here is not easy, but it is an adventure and it is by choice, so we are happy. I truly love Los Angeles as a place to be and live and work and learn. The relationships gained along the way are worth their weight in gold – from fellow interns to producers and artists. I was initially unsure of going to the Conservatory, but saw it as a stepping stone to help me decide what to do next. There have been many times since when I questioned my decision to attend CRAS, and wondered if I should have just come out here on my own. However, once I was able to position myself into places where my chances were better at having opportunities to apply what I had learned, I quickly appreciated the value of the education I had received. I also quickly recognized how much more practical my training was compared to my coworkers who had attended other institutions.”


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