Grad Cruisin’ With New Gig

Bryan Pringle graduated less than a year ago and has scored a great gig with Carnival cruises. His new job involves mixing and recording shows in a floating, state-of-the-art showroom. “The new ship I am on is highly advanced runs some complicated gear,” says Pringle. Playback for our 3 shows comes from an HD24, plus I’m mixing a 10 piece band.” Bryan is also managing wireless mics and mixes the shows on a Yamaha PM5D. “It is such an amazing digital console,” he says.

Pringle credits his CRAS education with giving him the ability to step into his new job with confidence. “I came to this ship with my background and education and made some changes to their show and got several compliments and questions about why I did what I did. It really is possible to get this kind of job after school.”

The Conservatory’s curriculum covers a broad range of audio skills, preparing grads for a variety of jobs in audio once they leave the program to start their careers.

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