Delay Compensation for Pro Tools LE/M-Powered

Auto Time Adjuster
is a $50 RTAS plug-in for Pro Tools LE/M-Powered, designed to ease your workflow when using plug-ins that generate significant latency. Currently to compensate for plugin latency you have to either move individual audio tracks backwards/forwards, or use the included Time Adjuster plugin to adjust the delay of each track in turn. One plug-in change can mean a lot of tweaks every time you change a plug-in in a large project.

Auto Time Adjuster uses audio pinging to automatically calculate and compensate for insert latency on your audio, aux tracks with the click of a button. When you add or remove a plugin on a track all you need to do is click the ping button on the master ATA to calculate all current latency and synchronise your tracks, even when using hardware inserts. ATA’s site has videos demoing the new product.

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