Clint Scores Big in Music City


After graduating from the Conservatory just 3 months ago, Clint Clarkson (4.0 GPA) has found his place in the Nashville audio community. His story is inspiring and shows that with perserverance, positive attitude and parking yourself where success can find you, you can live your dream. Read the story in Clint’s own words below:

“I was interning at Sound Stage Studios and working at Radioshack when I got my big break. In a matter of a week, I went from interning, to playing on a record which will be released nationwide and also being offered the job as chief engineer of a recording facility. I was interning one night at Sound Stage when a producer who I had become friends with asked me to play dobro resonator guitar on an album he had been working on for 2 months with recording artist and vocal teacher, Brett Manning. He has been the vocal coach for Paramore, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban. I confidently took this opportunity. I drove home real fast and got my dobro guitar and headed back to the studio.

When I got back they handed me the Nashville number charts for the song and said, “Clint, we want you to have the lead solo in the song.” I had about 10 minutes to look over the charts while Brett Manning was singing his vocals. When he finished, it was my turn to record. I nailed it on the first take on the song and the producer, Malcom Springer and Brett Manning loved it. The Song is called “Anger.” They called me the next day and asked me to play on another song and since then I have had the most random people call asking me to play on albums and demos. The Album just finished being mastered and they are getting ready for printing now.

A couple days later, I was working at Radioshack when a man came in looking for DB 25 connectors and a soldering iron. I asked him if he was working in a studio and he said that he actually owned a studio. We hit it off really good and we decided to meet for lunch the next day because he had an open position for a chief engineer. We met up the next day at the studio and after hanging out and soldering the patchbay with those DB 25 connectors, he offered me the job. I graciously accepted it. I have been working at The Music Sanctuary for 2 months now and I am living the dream. I have been so very blessed and just wanted to thank all my teachers and administrators who have made this possible. Everything I learned from CRAS has crossed over to the real world. I have been so busy working long hours and recording lots of music in Music City. Who would have thought that taking a part time job at Radioshack would have led to a full time job doing what I love. It took a lot of sacrifice and hard work but the formula works.  Thanks again.”

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