Class Spotlight: Scoring Session

Conservatory students in the 7th cycle (weeks 19-21) of the program spend 3 days a week focusing on audio post production, the process of enhancing videos and movies with sound. On this particular day (July 7, 2010) students are involved in a brass ensemble scoring session in Studio C at CRAS’s Gilbert location. In the control room the class works together to insure the picture being played back from a Doremi V1, Pro Tools and an analog 24 track recorder are all synchronized. In the studio students work to place Royer, Neumann, Groove Tube, and Blue mics in exactly the right position and setup headphone cues so the musicians can hear the result of their work. The music recorded on this day will later be combined with sound effects and dialog to form a complete soundtrack to a scene from the movie. See more photos from this session here.

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