Blue Blows Into Town

photo caption: (l to r) Eric Boyer from Blue tours Gilbert campus with Jayson Khademi of the Internship Dept.

The CRAS is big on building bridges between the school and the top manufacturers in the industry. One such company is Blue Mics, who’s products are in the mic lockers of both campuses. Each location has a pair of Blue Bottles for classes and projects, and the school uses three Blue Omni Mouse for the Decca Tree in the Post Production scoring class. Eric Boyer, CRAS class of 12/1/2000, also happens to be Blue’s Vice President of Manufacturing. Like all CRAS students, Eric used his mandatory internship to get his foot in the door, in his case, into the offices and management of one of the top microphone manufacturers in the industry. He recently visited the Gilbert campus to talk to 9th and 10th cycle students about opportunities in the manufacturing end of the recording industry.

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