Audiokinetic Guest Lecture

Audiokinetic's Simon Ashby
photo caption: Audiokinetic’s Simon Ashby lecturing students on the ins and outs of game audio

Simon Ashby and Geneviéve Laberge from Audiokinetic, makers of the Wwise audio pipeline solution software for game creation, visited the Conservatory to give a guest lecture to an assembly of over 350 students. Ashby and Laberge also participated in a Podcast that is now live on the Conservatory’s website. Students Emily Cohen and Margaret Decker interviewed the duo, then edited the Podcast in Pro Tools, gaining valuable experience in the innerworkings of audio for Broadcast. Later that day, Ashby addressed students on how audio for games both mimics and is vastly different than audio for post, the ins and outs of working on a game creation team and more. His lecture will soon be offered in a serialized Video Podcast sponsored by the Conservatory. Students currently use Wwise as part of their 9th Cycle audio for games curriculum. The Conservatory is the first educational facility in the world to integrate Wwise into any curriculum.

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