20 Years Ago Nirvana Started Recording “In Utero”

One of history’s biggest bands, Nirvana, began recording their final studio album 20 years ago. On February 13th, the band packed up and headed in to Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. They booked the studio for a mere two weeks to blaze through the recording of “In Utero“, hiring Steve Albini to record them through a Neve 8068 to a Studer analog tape machine. The studio itself charged $24,000 for their services, and Steve Albini was paid a cool $100,000.

Typically, they would begin work around noon, take breaks for meals here and there, and continue until midnight or later every day. Aside from “Very Ape” and tourette’s”, the band tracked all the instruments at the same time, as a band, and later overdubbed the vocals. On those two songs, however, they recorded the drums separately using 30 mics in the studio kitchen to get some unique, natural reverb. The entire album was then mixed in five days.

Here is an interesting clip from inside the control room:

The band killing time and burning aggression:

And an interview with Kurt about the album:

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